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About The Developing Team At FemChoice Technologies LLC...

The development team is a mixture of cultures and backgrounds that made these great products into existance. The Team is dedicated and have proven there 12 years of hard work and focus to make sure you get the best possible service, products and tools.


Joseph N. Jackson PhD. , CEO of FemChoice Technologies LLC

Joseph Jackson is the fourth of eight children born to Ernest and Octavia Jackson in Harvey, “Jefferson Parish”, Louisiana.

At the age of 17 he went to work as an oil field tool maintenance helper. He was accepted in the United States Army at the age of 18.

He went to television repair school at night, and later owned and operated a Radio and Television Repair Shop part-time for 7 years in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

His early efforts led to the precursor of the V-Chip, technology that is used in the television industry to block out violent and objectionable programs that could be seen by young children. Mr. Jackson is the creator of the Programmable Television Receiver Controllers and other innovative devices for the television industry.

Joseph Jackson is the holder of at least 6 issued U.S. Patents in the area of telecommunications and Fertility Prediction Devices for females, as well as several copyrights, trademarks, and Pending Patents in the area or Aircraft security and Tracking Systems.

Michael William Bert : Sr. Application Architect And Mobile Developer.

Michael Bert was born in Lisbon, Portugal oldest of two son, he first started developing software at an early age of 13, building video games with his new Commadore 64 back in the early 80's. He persued a degree in Physics and then changed to computer science in South Africa, Cape Town. However, with the political unrest, he desided to migrate to the California, USA . During his years at El Comino College the early 90's he developed a very strong C++ and Classic ASP/COM and SQL Server understand through ground breaking applications.

Applications developed with Infiniti Softeware LLC  he With his parents Fernanado and Sonja Bert and persue a degree in Robotics. Michael did well in 91 as a independent developer and later went to medical school in the Uversity Of Pecs, Hungary.

Michael Bert has been the a  hands on Sr. Architect and Sr. Developer for over a decade and has currenlty working on JrMissWorlds.com new iterations and technologies. Part of Michale Berts job is to come up with new innovative solutions and products to support FemChoice's Flagship Product, JrMissWorld.com.

Chidubem(Dubem). W. Enyekwe : Mobile and Web Application Developer

Chidubem(Dubem). W. Enyekwe

Chidubem "Dubem" Enyekwe is the second of four children born to Amobi and Uche Enyekwe in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria. At age 16, Dubem graduated from Marist Comprehensive College, in Nteje Anambra State Nigeria.

He started out developing sophiticated C++ Applications at the age of 16, rapidly expanding to Web Based Applications using C++, PHP, and ASP.NET. In addition, his love for Mobile Devices drove him to explore Android, IPhone and now Windows Phone at the beginning of the Mobile  Revolution. His expertise has grown to large scale enterprise systems using SQL Server, .NET, Objecitve C, Java, Silver Light and Video Streaming. 

Dubem has won numerous programing competitions, that include Prog-Fest 2011 and Prog-Fest 2012 at Cal-State LA, where his team "Sticky Keys"  and "The Blue Screen Of Death" came in first place.

Always giving back, Dubem tutors at several universities where he mentors younger developers, helping them to become confident experts in their fields. Dubem is passionate about the natural sciences, sharing his knowledge in physics and mathematics with those students needing assistance.